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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mod Ex-Rumia

Description: You have to install the Cleo 3 library to use this mod. 
Merge the content of the archive with your GTA: San Andreas installation folder (C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGTA San Andreas). 
Replace "poolcue.dff", "poolcue.txd", "teargas.dff" and "teargas.txd" inside the file "gta3.img", located in the GTA San AndreasModels folder. You can use IMG Tool

EX Rumia: many Touhou fans say that if you took the ribbon off Rumia's head, she'd become a demon; seems it was a true story. 

  • Type "erumia" to activate, type again to deactivate. 
  • [9]: create/destroy the swords. 
  • [8]: change the sword scheme. 
  • [SPRINT]: run twice faster (requires you to have full muscles). 
  • [SECONDARY FIRE] (with scheme 1): throw the swords where you're aiming. 
  • [SECONDARY FIRE] (with scheme 2): throw the swords in the air and make them fall on the vehicle you're aiming to. 
  • [ENTER] (with scheme 3 and fists equipped): create an explosive sword shower.

Darkness: create an enormous black sphere which will swallow in darkness everyone around you. 

  • [0] (with the katana equipped): activate the spell.

Dark shot: shoot darkness blobs which will swallow the people they hit. 

  • Type "dark" to activate, type again to deactivate. 
  • [AIM]+[FIRE] (with the Tec9 equipped): shoot spheres.

Mazinken: hit the ground with the sword and create a destructive darkness trail.

  • [AIM]+[FIRE]+[SECONDARY FIRE] (with the katana equipped): attack.

Moon lightray: a giant explosion will fall from the sky. 

  • Type "moon" to activate. 
  • Press [CANCEL] to release the explosion.

Known issues: because everything can't just be fine.

  • Saving the game with EX Rumia active will store also the blobs surrounding you: press 9 before saving. 
  • Apparently there is a bug with the dark blobs: rotating the camera too fast might crash the game. 
  • Using even once a grenade, a molotov, a sachel charge or a teargas will add physical qualities to the swords; this may be pretty annoying.

I took the liberty of editing some scripts, but please keep in mind that they are minor fixes or compatibility patches - You can download the original ones from the author's website, though.  


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