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Thursday, March 7, 2013


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This paper discusses efforts Restaurants, a considerable effort and promising business opportunities that most often encountered, because the business is so close to the scope of the community. Eating effort is always there in any of the times. But most people of many conditions is quite difficult to start a business or business? Well?? we cover all the neighbors that conditions in this paper.
Most people want to achieve success, but not a few of them are confused how to start a business. Starting from the intention and focus to achieve something we want to have is on the terms of a new first intention to start a business. What if you include people who are economically sufficient capital for their business. Apapila was already in the
class was the first thing you must remember "that any attempt to start a business should never be afraid to try it". sometimes many conditions and a combination of situations that sometimes make people feel able to start a business, one of which is the business opportunity this restaurant.
a. View and pay attention to opportunities in your neighborhood
Let see what the needs are in want of the environment, usually in the restaurant business you have to be smart to determine the location that you want to create a place of business. as in places the student housing complex environment, and crowded places. Well for a home business opportunity this dining places like that are usually biased attract customers quite a lot, because their need for fast food. Usually their activities as to make them feel lazy to cook at home or in the boarding house. This is your chance to open a business in that place. And you also have to meliahan marketing price that fit in the neighborhood. As prices for standard student psa but you get more untungyang effort to rotate back. And most importantly how you organize and manage the company. Lankah-step Getting Started in starting a business:
1. Study carefully the background of the environment around you.
2. If possible, ask others who have achieved success in the business field Eating.
3. Find businesses gap can still be entered.
4. Customize your business with interests and abilities.
Of these four steps, we bias start a little business.
b. Presentation
For the food business, if you are confused in choosing what foods to be sold, you can start from your favorite foods. If you are more adventurous, you can start from the foods that are sold around the place you want to sell, and certainly much needed in place. Please feel free to taste delicious food business. The business of the restaurant is also very sensitive to taste, because it is very important that there is artisan cuisine truly experts in their field. Selling the one cuisine
best and high quality. Do not try to open a restaurant if there is no great cook cooking.
In starting a food business is not always a mainstay deliciousness factor. Reliable in making food and understand how to manage a food business are two different things. If you are reliable in producing food or snacks, then you must know how to manage and start your business. Here are some tips and tricks in starting a business in the food:
1. Always do a renewal of your home-cooked meals. You can research the food products that you produce sample by distributing food to your colleagues and friends nearby, so we know the shortcomings of the food products that we produce, both in terms of taste and manner of presentation. Then do the repairs in accordance with consumer demand.
2. Plan an outlet to sell Think carefully whether you want to create your own store or work with others? For example, if your business is a business that you worked a wedding cake, then you can work with the wedding organizer. Or other means such as by working with the canteen to supply food you produce. For this you have to pay attention to the cost of transportation and system delivery.
3. Plan for technology to be used. Do your products need a special room to prepare for it? Is it necessary to buy special equipment for storing raw materials? And so forth. If you are just starting your food business should reduce spending on production technology investments. Initially to obtain raw materials you can ask for the supply and cooperate with others.
This is done so that is not too heavy to meet the needs of capital. But once you have a regular customer, you can buy equipment production. Other than that there is nothing wrong if you test your home-made products to the experienced to prevent something to be desired in the future.
4. Attractive packaging design packaging you to sell your product to determine the image of your product is. The designs are interesting and creative is one of the marketing strategies to get your product in demand by many people.
5. Do not be afraid Fight all the negative thoughts that settle in your mind. Keep your mind not sell fear, afraid of a lot of criticism of your product. The most important thing in starting a business is the courage to take decisions. For that you have to do good preparation before you start a business. Remember that success is only gained through the process and full of obstacles.
c. Managing Financial Eating
Prepare business bookkeeping initially be made in a way that is quite simple, which is understandable and contains all the calculation effort. But that can be said to be such a simple still requires a long process of recording (because it is done manually). Here we see the completeness of business bookkeeping, among others:
1. The book records the stock of goods
Used to record goods in and out. By making a note stock will be clearly known where the number of items that are still available and the amount sold. Recording of inventory based on the unit used items.
2. Entered book is a book that is used to record the results of the sales that have been made (income)
3. Expenditures book book used to record the costs already incurred from the cost of the daily, weekly, to monthly, accompanied by invoices or receipts.
4. Notebook R / L notebook is designed to calculate the gain or loss realized in the business. Usually these books can be recorded on a weekly and monthly basis.
Ideally if the bookkeeping is done in an orderly manner, you will get a neat corporate financial data. But if the position of your restaurant business is no longer small, so you can imagine how difficult it is to manage the company finances as expected. Moreover, no one involved in it is able to ensure the accuracy of the data. Given the growing number of transactions conducted and diverse.
This is the reason why computerized required to manage your business financially. Using the accounting, financial data generated will be completely accurate. In addition to time efficiency in work, because you or your employees do not need to perform the accounting records of a long process as above. In addition, the owner of the restaurant would be faster to know the position of their business, so that at any time the financial evaluation efforts.


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